Slaughterhouse 5

"...The Englishmen were clean and enthusiastic and decent and strong. They sang bloomingly well. They had been singing togheter every night for years.
They were adored by the Germans, who thought they were exactly what the Englishmen ought to be. They made war look stylish and reasonable, and fun. So the Germans let them have four sheds, though one shed would have held them all. And, in exchange for coffee or chocolate or tobacco, the Germans gave them paint and lumber and nails and cloth for fixing things up.
Now they were singing their welcome to their guests in the winter night. Their clothes were aromatic with the feast they had been preparing. They were dressed half for battle, half for tennis or croquet. They were so elated by their own hospitality, and by all the goodies waiting inside, that they did not take a good look at their guests while they sang. And they imagined that they were singing to fellow officers fresh from the fray."
Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse 5


"Y la calle es el mismo circo de siempre

Solo tienes que elegir un traje (impactante)
Tu sonrisa mas (falsa)
y habilidad para asombrar
a la emoción de los demás
Y entrarás en la carpa
Y entrarás en la carpa
Y tendrás todas las carpas frente a ti
cuando seas su estrella de turno
y tendrás solo lugares vacíos
cuando se cansen de tu destreza
y tendrás todas las luces de la pista
cuando maravilles a las personas
y tendrás todo el olvido de las estrellas
cuando ya no gustes mas...
Lona, aplausos, y el nunca saber que es descansar...
y siempre estar,
y siempre estar,
como el aire, como el cielo
un payaso, leones, y la equilibrista
flotando en tus sueños toda una vida
que ya no es
y siempre preguntando:
¿fuera del circo qué hay?
¿fuera del circo qué hay?
Mientra seguís esperando
enjaulado como el tigre
Si mañana matas al domador o no."

Mujercitas Terror en La Toma

Octubre de 2008

Jueves: Mujercitas Terror en Plasma: la mejor lista de canciones empieza con "Mujercita blue" y termina con "En el final de más fiestas". La vuelta a Hurlingham pasa rápida, penosa y fría.

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This was a very unpopular chat group that existed in Soulseek some years ago. The members of that living-room never spoke between each other. We like ropes and dead poets, mostly.

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