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"...I thought about writing tomorrow morning before going to work, but since I'm here listening to some band named Holy Shit (I like the title of the album, "Premonitions and omens"), thinking, I may as well write now.

I arrived home after photography class and managed to prepare a combination of food I must warn you about: rice, carrot, egg and cheese. It was awful; so dry I thought the poor bastard would start singing out of self-pity. Don't try it unless you are in desperate hunger. I'll remind it myself next time I try to cook something in less than 10 minutes. The thing is, this is the last day before payday, so everything was empty, especially my wallet.

On my way here, trying not to fall asleep (but if insight is the product of falling asleep, I think its worth it) I made a list of things to take to the new apartment. They are not much, the room is big and has two closets; I'm planning to use use one for clothes and shoes and the other one for books, notebooks, papers, camera, etc. I intend the room to be as sober-styled and tidy as my last room was (the one in Avenida Rivadavia), but I'd like to add a drawing desk and a miniature porcelain tea-set. The idea of moving out makes me a bit nervous, but I think I'll be fine.

This morning while I had coffee Zoolander was on t.v and I wanted to stay and watch it, but of course I had to go to work. It was a plain day, I made my calls and when I got bored I wrote stupid e-mails to Vicky or talked with my workmates.

I'm reading Raymond Carver's "What we talk about when we talk about love", it has a lot of Midwest references and words I do not know. Carver definitely had a thing for divorce, alcohol and cigarettes.

I talked to a girl in photography class and to a man in journalism on monday (for some reason all of the students there are aged between 35-50), we spoke about cricket and he told me he used to live in Hurlingham. He was dressed as Luca Prodan, he's bald and he was wearing a stripped t-shirt; I wonder if that was a coincidence or if he likes Sumo.

It's 2:22, I should go to bed -but I'm not sleepy-. I have my first práctica de laboratorio tomorrow after work. I got off the train one station before Ejército de Los Andes just for the purpose of walking and some blocks after mine I smelled a heavy perfume, like flowers and almonds and leaves, and I missed my neighborhood in advance."

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