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I don't believe in revenge, I believe in redemption, and maybe that´s why I have a Roman Catholic tattoo. I wish church would stop being such a douchey institution and start a St. Francis - St. Augustine revival.

However, baddass tattoos are cool, and I bet yours is super cool.
I dig your teenage lover, I think she´s sweet and you should recommend her books and stuff and try to help her with her crazy nazi parents.

I´m considering options as I heard we are going to get a raise this month, maybe that would allow me to stay in Capital. I read a life saver article on Wikipedia about PMS, which I didn´t know it could be SO heavy with symptoms and fucked up attitude. I swear I had almost ALL of the things listed there, and I seriously thought I was losing it. But now that I recall, and xxxx confirmed it, the delirium only happens once a month. So I need to take care of it, maybe the pill will help.

I had an interview at some posh botox place in Ugarteche & Las Heras, to be a secretary at an expensive beauty center. It was nice and quite and well decorated, but when I saw a botox injection on a tv screen it was a bit sinister. They asked me when could I start and they told me they would call to do that psico-físico thing, but who knows. I didnt feel uncomfortable, but working 12 to 9 for $2200, I don´t know.

I HAVE MY PASSPORT, its ready way before than I thought it would be. My grandmother called me today to let me know the mailman needs the paper to leave it at home, so I´m going to take it tomorrow night, and I´ll spend the night at ye old house in Provincia.

So this means I will apply to the Visa next week.

Records, I downloaded Wavves "King of the beach", Wild Nothing "Gemini", Andrew Bird "Noble beast", R. Stevie Moore thanks to you, Crystal Stilts "Crystal Stilts" (it doesn´t have "Sugar baby" but it does have "Graveyard orbit" which I think its a good good song).

I also downloaded cabeza things like Patricio Rey and Demonios de Tasmania. Ha!

I think you´re right about people and attraction and whores.

Lets hang out soon, maybe friday? Im relying I´ll have money on my bank account by then.

Acerca de Turdera Fest XXI

"El problema de Turdera es Turdera. Llegar, irse y el clima invernal. Si por casualidad, durante el viaje en tren, encontrás a alguno de los integrantes de alguna de las bandas cargando un teclado y lo seguís por el puente y la calle que lleva a un supermercado Coto y posiblemente el fin del mundo, quizá. Sino, es mejor que sea en el Zaguán."

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