Hi 2

I'm taking some minutes at work to write to you because -fuck work.

I'm cleaning some coffee containers and every new employee here is a teenager that I have to "train" its ridiculous and boring but I wasn't supposed to write about this anyway, so: .
(That's a point in space that announces the end of a sentence)

I feel there so much to see and do in DC that I yet haven't done, therefore I randomly post on Craigslist like some post punk non serial killer looking for activity partners. It works.

The key for surviving work is: Try not to get socially involved with anyone unless they are cool. That's not true, but you get the picture. Why things at jobs don't work out smoothly and why there's so much drama I don't know. Don't get caught in it, don't gossip, gossip where they cant hear or see you. Until you have a partner trust no one.

I keep doing tiny things to improve the apartment and we have rugs and a plant and the fridge is empty because it snowed and I was watching movies and reading. Now I need to go back to work so no one notices sort of that I'm missing and I'm writing a non work related e-mail: Which means I'm having fun. Thay fun is anti capitalist and rebellious and a wonderful part of being young. Not giving a fuck is OK for now. It is better to give fucks when its worth it.

I know I wrote about this before but! Will you please get me the contacts for xxxxx and xxxxxx? xxxxx I would like to talk about her English programs at Virginia Tech and xxxxxx can hang out with me and eventually we (me and you) might want xxxxx? Will we want xxxxx? Some xxxxx would be OK. I'm talking like a bug from Alice In Wonderland. I need to socialize or else I might develop a speech impediment. I don't think I can afford another night or Belgium cold wave video browsing. But I did make a killer playlist.

Tomorrow, I'm off -work-.

I wish you thee best, I'll see you soon, when you are in peace with applications and school.

Eva Braun's Home Movies In Color 1938-44

Nenet III
Jan 28 (3 days ago)

to xxxxxx
I want to be 1/3 German.

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