Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"If you teach me German and I teach you Spanish we can communicate in three languages and yell names at each other from across a hypothetical room."

The Shipwreck


My right
shoe untied

I scamper

What's not to like
about the end of a working day?

I understand
the book
Where everything goes down yonder

Yet see me
with inextricable
palms I cannot use
to tame wild horses

I can't rise
and to rise

I yield

My house
built on fruitless


What's not to like
about a working day?


There is an
alliance now

I can stay
with the
beautiful silk
rags the solitude
I own

Given the freedom
to walk away
Journal in hand

rests of
our love wafting by

The Shipwreck

But my
Dear Pocahontas


When the jewels
next to come,
are placed upon
your feet

Must I fight?

In acceptance
comes surrender

You sway
but I'll depart

Must I fight
for this benediction

Must I kneel down
Must I dance?


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