I dreamt

I was poisoned from eating fish that were tiny Japanese deities. There was a field on fire and we only had 4 fire extinguishers. I kept failing at things and falling down due to being poisoned. Edward Patrick was around, in his usual fashion. You put out the fire (using only one fire extinguisher). We all stood and looked at the burnt meadow.
Evidentemente hubo algo
que no figuraba en los apuntes
de la universidad.
         Eh pibe?

Boom Boom Kid. "Radical Voices From Hell"
 1:54 pm

I want to hang out with Hart Crane and you tonight.

8:57 pm


I love you.

8:49 pm

comme ci, comme ça.

11:54 pm

I read about Gary Snyder and felt unsmart. Silly, I know. I painted my fingernails red and had another fantasy about you. Sleep well.

2:53 pm

I slept so much today. I don't know how I feel. Probably need a shower and food. Why are you freaking out?

5:15 pm

I am writing in the back of your fanzine.

6:55 pm

I need to know the name of a Canadian band you listened. They have a catchy song that went "You are the one". The song was actually called "You were the one". I lost the EP and their name.

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